T-Shirt: Zara // Shirt: Jack & Jones // Pants: Cheap Monday // Boots: Timberland // Sunglasses: Sundaze
I always try to change my style from sporty chic to grunge, because these are the one I usually represent in this blog. I think everyone who has just one style is boring, because they can't surprise us... As I wrote on the earlier post I'm wearing more black than usual, I had the idea to show you this look I shot with a friend from school some days ago.

I don't know why, but I kinda love how my dark side choose the outfits. I have never noticed that I'm sometimes so grungy worn that people ask me if I'm alright. Nevermind, I love this style from the 90ties and I'm looking forward how my style will evolve. How do you like this combination? I would love to hear your opinion about it! I also want to say thank you to all of my readers to make this blog so successful and it's getting even more every single day. I'm planing big projects for the coming months, so stay tuned and don't forget to come back, see you!

source: tumblr.com
Before I publish the new entry with a new outfit, I will write this inspiration post, where I can show you what I'm up to this season.I have ever been a big fan of black, but I never had the mood to wear everything black. Black has been for a long time in my head, it's like my dark side is coming more out of me. I also think that the colour is so timeless and has a high possibility to combine it with other pieces. So my conclusion is that it is worth to buy pieces in black!

I just descovered the other way of blogging and it's Tumblr. I made an account since I think that could be my new source of inspiration. I will post my pictures as well and share the trends I'm loving at the moment, so come and visit me on Tumblr or Instagram! I wish you a happy Easter (don't even know when it is, but anyway) and enjoy the days.

Shirt: Cheap Monday // Short: H&M // Shoes: Hugo Boss // Sunglasses: Lacoste
Remember how I said on a previous post that camouflage is dead for me? Well then you might be confused right now by seeing this outfit. I came to this shirt I got a while ago in Stockholm, while I was cleaning my wardrobe. I was thinking about to take it out of my wardrobe but in the end I decided to put it back. I also thought to wear it, because I haven't worn it in months.

Spring has finally arrived in Switzerland fortunatelly. In this season everything is very likeable related to fashion. The new trends which are shades of blue is driving me nuts! I wore the color blue in different outfits, so you may understand me. I decided to wear more shades of brown combined with green, so I came to the idea to wear the camouflage shirt. By the way, I love this shoes from Hugo Boss, which make the look chic and casual. I also go great sunglasses from Lacoste and I love them because of the unique form (not round but also not squared. The beanie lets the sporty side come out of my outfit. How do you like this outfit? Don't forget to like my brand new Facebook page. See you soon!

Sweater: H&M // Pants: H&M // Shoes: Koil
Here I am again with a new spontaneous post. I wanted to wear like I am and that's sporty chic, as you know. This trend is driving my crazy, I just love it and I still can't get enough of it. I wore my burgundy shoes again after a while and they are matching perfectly to the outfit. The fact that I wore a sweater instead of some other chic pieces makes the outfit more funny and interesting. I'm so sorry for the quality of these pictures, I promise to make better ones the next time!

Spring holidays are going on but not in my life. I will be chilling from Wednesday on until Tuesday, but I wanted still more days. I'll stay at home and planning the next projects for the blog... They will make possible to make a step forward in my whole blogging carreer (my blog is not even a year old, but anyways). See you!

Stripped Shirt: H&M // Squared shirt: Jack & Jones // Jeans: Cheap Monday // Shoes: Superga // Sunglasses: Sundaze
Stripes and squared shirt? Yes, of course we can wear it! It is a taste thing, but I personally think it's not as terrible as wearing camouflage this season (For me is camouflage so "passé"). Mix and match is the key of this season, so I thought I could begin with the most worn pattern. I also wanted to use this opportunity to show you my new shoes from the brand "Superga", which is known as a sneaker brand. I seriously love them! I always wanted white sneakers but my mom was afraid they would be quickly dirty, so I. The special thing about these sneakers is... you can put them in the washing machine (exactly what humanity needed). Now I gave white shoes in general a chance, because they are amazing to combine with every kind of outfit!

The spring break just started, everyone is packing for their vacation and I will stay home and work. I don't see it as a punishment. It's official, I'm going to Berlin fashion week in July! I'm so glad to tell you that but I had to cancel men's fashion week in Milan (lack of time). I wish you a good weekend!