Black Magic

Jacket: Zara - Sweater: H&M - Jeans: Zara - Boots: Timberland - Beanie: H&M
Hey there! I'm finally back from the countryside, where I was forced to stay there 5 days. I had to attend the class there and learn a lot, but I can proudly say it came everything better than expected and we also got time to go clubbing (at the bar of the hotel haha), but it was so funny and every student was dancing there.

The temperature fell down a way too fast this week. It was so cold and it's just soon September. As it was very windy and ainu outside I decided to wear more than usual and boots. In this season I'm so into black, white and grey because you can't do something wrong with those colors. We also did a video, which I will show you on a later post that is about a short story without words. 

This week will be very easy with no tests, no stress so I will updated the blog at the end of this week. But before I leave you, I would check out my Instagram to see a preview of the video.

#SummerMemories On Instagram


It's so sad that Summer (you couldn't call it Summer in Switzerland) is gone. I really can't complain about the season, even if it was more rainy. I got to know a couple of amazing people and got closer to those people I noticed they are my real friends, supporting me, giving me strenght and making my life better. I also experienced once again at fashion week, but this time in Berlin and met great inspiring people there. I found my other passion for drawing again and I just love it even more. I did some drawings and I felt so calmed, so I might do from time to time also drawings (will be uploaded on my Instagram). I unfortunately didn't have the chance to go swimming but as I'm going to Miami in some days, I will of course enjoy the beach there!
The most legendary week was when I had birthday. I had such an amazing time with my friends and I'm looking forward to next Summer.

You can see me with a friend on the last pictures. He became one of my best friends in a short time and we will definitely work together on this blog. What do you think about that? Or do you want to keep it like now?

I thank god for making my summer really super exciting and amazing, it couldn't be more perfect. Now that we need to go back to school, I wish you all a great year! By the way, you can see two "back to school" outfits HERE and HERE.

Old School Denim

Shoes: Zign - Jeans: H&M - Polo Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger - Denim Jacket: H&M - Sunglasses: Even & Odd - Cap: Primark
As I'm a 90's kid, I have experienced those Hip Hop times, where we liked to listen to 2Pac or 50 Cent and we all wanted to dress like all these old school rappers. I still listen to 2Pac, because I think he was awesome and different than some other rappers. He really inspires when it comes to some lyrics of his songs.

This look was inspired by the old school rappers mixed with my childish (yeah, sometimes I like to wear very childish) style. I still remember that the rappers then wore oversized polo shirts combined with jeans, some great kicks and a bomber or denim jacket. I chose a modern version of that style and gave it a hint of my personal style. I wore this oversized (just a bit) polo shirt with stripes, which is actually a very boring piece depending on the combination. I played a lot with bright colors and added some off-white shoes, which are actually very chic but also sporty. I also needed to add accessories: blue mirrored sunglasses and a cap. 

I will be gone next week for one week to the countryside. Do not get in panic because I will try to update you on Instagram (@xamysdiary). By the way, How did you like this outfit? I would love to read some feedbacks of you guys. Have a great week!

The Blue Garden

Shirt: Desigual - Shorts: H&M - Sandals: Pasito - Sunglasses: River Island
Hey there! I hope you are doing better than me, because I'm feeling so sick right now. I honestly think the weather here in Switzerland is making everyone sick - changing from a sunny hot day to a rainy cold day. To be honest this was the last outfit with shorts, since there is no need of Summer outfits on this blog and the forecast predicted the end for Summer. Now I'm going to focus on the next season which is fall, where all the leaves change their color.

This look shows the classy side of me. I love that blue shirts with flowers on it. I feel the magic when I look at that shirt from Desigual, which is a great eco-fashion label. I combined it with blue shorts and cut-out sandals, because it was quite hot and as the sun was shining, I decided to wear my River Island sunglasses. The fact that I'm getting older and also looking like a real man is making me wear more classy. How do you like this outfit?

These 2 weeks will be the most stressful for me. I need to finish my projects, expositions, learning for tests and so on. So I apologize if you don't hear a lot from me, but at least I will try my best. I also wanted to say thank you to every reader that comes everyday to my blog, without you guys I wouldn't have come so far. See you!

Back To School: Mystic

Hat: Barbour - Shirt: Zara - Jacket: Zara - Scarf: Modekontor - Jeans: Cheap Monday

School started yesterday for me and I was kind of glad to see the people in school, allthough some of them changed their personality or even look. I think that happens when we experience in life what we always wanted to do but also the things we never thought about. Back to the topic, back to school. Here I have the second and last outfit of the "back to school" series and I hope you like this unusual outfit of me, which is one of my favorite.

There are people in school that were very popular and had a lot of friends, but when they realized they only got fake friends, they were in a deep hole. It was kind of my situation some months ago, but I finally know who my real friends are. I still have that little hole from the past, which was the reason to wear more black, expressing myself as I always do with clothing.

This outfit is one of my favorite! I'm wearing this amazing jeans I got from Cheap Monday and my scarf I showed you on a previous post. Don't to forget that I got a prestige leather bag from one of my favorite american designers, Kenneth Cole, which matches with the whole outfit. I completed the outfit with other black pieces and my cut-out sandals and socks.

There are a lot of plans going on from this week on. I already filmed a big comercial for a big event in the work zone, which my swiss readers will able to see at the biggest work exhibiton in Switzerland (Bern) in the month of September. I have so much more surprises, so don't miss what it is and follow my Instagram @xamysdiary, see you!

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