No Colors Allowed

Jacket: Zara - Sweater: H&M - Jeans: Zara - Boots: Timberland - Beanie: H&M
This week is very hectic for me. I didn't have much sleep and it won't get better on the weekend. My agenda is fully written with appointments. Almost every appointment is related to the blog, but there are also the ones I meet friends. At the moment my life couldn't be better, It is unbelievable how much this place changed it and I'm so thankful. You guys are definitely the best supporters on earth!

I'm very happy to announce that I can work together with the online store East Dane for a long period. Also, there will be an interview about me on the website of the Iphone application Clothapp as soon as they launch their new version and site. There are more projects to come that are still in the preparation phase, I'm looking so forward to show them to you and I hope you'll like it.

Lately I have been wearing no colors. The hype of not wearing colors got really big in Switzerland. Almost every teenager is wearing black, grey and white. The advantages of wearing those uncolored colors ( sounds strange but it's scientifically right) is that they always match and you don't have to put an effort on combining them. I think the hype affected me as well, but don't be scared I bet it's just a phase.

This outfit is probably the most low-priced outfit I've ever worn. If I'm right the whole outfit is about 250 Swiss Francs ( about 250$), including the boots and beanie. It's not the price that decides how good and stylish your outfit is, remember this. I absolutely love outfits like this one, because they're comfortable, fashionable and not expensive. The sweater and beanie combined together with Timberland boots makes the cold days to your best friend. 

How do you like the grey-black outfit? I would also love to hear what your favorite color of this season is, maybe we have something in common. See you soon here again, Adieu!

Been Grey

Jacket: Been Thrill - Shirt: Calvin Klein - Jeans Zara - Sneakers: Hogan - Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
Yes, this is another outfit I'm not wearing colors. I can't help it. I didn't feel so good this week that is about to end. A lot of bad things happened to me but also with my closest friends. Now that everything is settled, I feel better. I always said: "A successful man doesn't need friends". but that is not true. I was too focused on my dreams to realize that I left my friends. I fortunately have the greatest ones and they opened my eyes.

As the 50 shades of grey movie is soon coming out, I decided to show you an all grey look. It didn't work, because the weather acted too crazy, so that is why I'm wearing sunglasses and a bomber jacket (I'm confused as well). I decided to wear my Hogan sneakers again, which are so comfortable and how they look on the outfits, just perfect! The bomber jacket is probably my favorite piece so far this season, I've been wearing the jacket now for weeks and I'm still satisfied. It is really unusual for me to wear a polo shirt, but instead of complaining, I gave it a try and I have to say I need to wear often polo shirts. I love this polo shirt from Calvin Klein, because of the artistic way it looks. How do you like this casual + sporty combination?

Next week is a special week for you and for me as well. There won't be any posts, because we are planning a special project for Halloween as told on the previous post. I will work together with people I know with great talents for this horror shooting. You will be able to see the making of post probably on Sunday, it depends because I forgot my camera charger in Miami haha. Enjoy your Sunday!

New In


The life as a fashion blogger has a lot of advantages. Travelling around the world, getting invited to fashion weeks and meeting new cool people from the fashion industry, but among these mentioned advantages, there is another one that is being spoiled and rewarded by fashion brands. As I can tell you, I am becoming one of those fashion bloggers, who has the benefit to get new pieces every month. I only accept pieces from brands that represent my style and they shouldn't be so expensive, because I want to give everyone an opportunity to buy what I'm wearing. I do not want to fix the blog just on luxury fashion, because sometimes we don't need it.

Today I actually wanted to show you a look but there are a lot of problems at this time of the year and it will get even worst. The days are getting shorter and the weather seriously sucks. The amount of rain is impressive, so I hope it will be good weather when we are doing our special project for Halloween next Sunday. Stay tuned!

These are the pieces I got from two english fashion brands, which represent my style well and they have fair prices as well. Topman is well known for its popular and minimalistic clothing. I personally think we should get at least a store in Switzerland, that would be such a great shopping destination especially for teenager and young adults. The other brand is Burton, which is know for their sport clothing but they can be as fashionable as any brand too! I'm looking forward to wear these pieces, you will be able to see the looks in the coming days!

Strenghts of the Darkness

Shirt: Saint Laurent - T-Shirt: Zara - Jeans: Cheap Monday - Jacket: Zara - Boots: Timberland - Cap: Primark
The days are slowly going away and I am getting older and older. I still remember when I started the blog last year. I didn't have a beard back then and when I look to other differences, I realize that I changed alot. I lost 5 Kg, I found my passion for photography, drawing, painting, playing piano and singing but I also learnt to speak 5 languages in these 18 years, isn't that insane? Everyone predicts me a great future, but what they don't know is that I worked very hard for this. I always wanted to be that kind of blogger-singer-artist-actor-business manager, I had to refuse on friendship just to work hard. I'm still working hard for it and hopefully seing results.

This look is something different. I can not define in which style category this could be but there are at least 2 different styles mixed for sure, which I'm involving in this outfit. I would say it is a grunge-chic-hip hop outfit but everyone will have another meaning or not? anyway, I felt comfortable and that is the most important thing. I added my leather jacket to the outfit, which has been abused too much lately (I should get a new one), but as it's Autumn, what could be better? Also the cap is an accessory, which I think is very practically for bad hair days or when you get up late for school/work and believe me it saved me a couple of times my day. What do you think about this look and what is your favourite piece of it?

School starts tomorrow after a long Autumn break of 3 weeks, that was mainly enjoyed in Miami, Florida. Now I need to prepare so much for school and there will be many tests, as the term is ending soon. I will officially attend to the fashion days in Zürich again, I'm looking forward to it but let's rock my normal everyday life and then my fashion life. You can follow my steps on Instagram (@xamysdiary). See you!

Sweater Weather

Jacket: Zara - Sweater: Jack & Jones - Jeans: Zara - Shoes: Hugo Boss
Leaves change their color and it's getting colder, that is how we notice the start of fall. This season is honestly one of my favorite, to be honest it is my favorite, because you can do so much with fashion. It is also the season that makes people in my city the most stylish. Never mind, lately it's been very critic to manage the blog. As the days are getting shorter, I already apologize for the lack of posts.

With this outfit I just wanted to stay simple but still stylish. I got a big crush to knitted sweaters, which are so stylish and comfortable, just the carateristics I love. I combined it with grey jeans, which are also very comfy but also the color matches perfectly to olive green. As bottom, I went for my Hugo Boss olive green derbies, which makes the outfit bossy and chic. As it's time for leather jackets, I couldn't resist to wear mine as well! 

How do you like this outfit? As you know, you are always welcomed to share your opinion with everyone. Also if you have any kind of feedback, you can always write them down over here, I'm always happy if I get to read constructive comments of you guys! 

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