Simple Darkness

Jacket: Zara - Shirt: Jack & Jones - Jeans: Cheap Monday - Boots: Timberland
As promised, I would write before I leave to Miami on Saturday. I'm so sick right now, I hope to get better at least until Thursday to shoot the last look for you guys, which I couldn't do today, because being sick is not so easy and my health status was very low today. But for you guys I put the effort to shoot this all black look, which I like so much.

In Switzerland you never know when it starts to rain or if it's cold (don't trust too much on the forecasts haha). I still decided for another all black look, which is for me always the right color, uncomplicated and easy to combine, right? I added to the outfit a bit rock wearing my biker leather jacket from Zara and these boots from Timberland, which I actually got last season. How do you like this outfit?

There are still 6 days until my flight for Lisbon and Miami. If you want you can follow me on Instagram (soon 2K followers!) to see what I will do, because I will not write on the blog on that week. I will also use this possibility to have some real holidays without fashion week and so on. I also wanted to know from you guys, the things you can recommend from Miami, I would love to see some advices and visit them!

July/August/September Favorites

I'm so busy lately. I'm really sorry for this, but at this time of the year I am busy as hell and I can not manage the blog as usual. The fact that I had to learn a lot for tests and doing nothing for the blog, was giving me a bad conscience. I think I might take a year off maybe, so that I can write more here, visit fashion weeks and attend to events. I'm not sure about it yet, even if I could do it as you are so supportive giving me strength and motivation everyday with your amazing comments.

Today I wanted to show you guys how my style has evolved in the past months. I saw a lot, got inspired at Berlin fashion week and I think it's good to make experiences like that, to broad up your horizon, to see it from different perspectives. I know, I may be young but I have made a lot of experiences I would never be able to do because of my blog and I'm thankful for that.

What do you think about these 9 looks I shot between July and September? Have you got a favorite one or one you don't like so much? I would love to read your comments, because for me it's interesting what you guys like and don't, also the different tastes of fashion you guys have.

Last but not least, there is some information I would like to share with you. There are at least 2 post I will publish before leaving to Lisbon and Miami, you will also find pictures of the travel on my Instagram (@xamysdiary) under the hashtag #xamyrulesmiami. Also thank you for reading this post, see you soon here again!

Denim On Denim

Shoes: Koil - Jeans: H&M - T-Shirt: Jack & Jones - Shirt: Blend - Sunglasses: Lacoste
Hey guys! I made it as promised to make an entry before a new week starts. I have been doing homework the whole day, but I also went out to shoot this very simple look. It was such a beautiful weather today, I almost couldn't believe it. We shot this look very late, because we were looking for a new location, but it took us so long.

Denim on denim. That is what I wore today. I kept it very minimalistic, no accessories or anything special. This kind of outfit it's just perfect to hang out on Sundays, as you want still look chic but also still not overdressed. I combined my denim look with these beauty shoes from Koil, which are so comfy and the color burgundy is amazing, I think those shoes are one of my favorite ones. As it was very sunny and I wanted to protect my eyes and look fabulous, I decided to take my mini aviator sunglasses which I got from Lacoste. I really recommend you to visit their online-shop to admire their sunglasses, the word treasure describes it! you can go to the online-shop by clicking HERE.

How do you like this simple but still chic denim on denim look? I would love to hear your opinion! I want to thank everyone for this immense support, This place would be nothing without you!

Xamys's Diary x Cloth App


Sorry guys for being absent lately, but I really don't have the time to update the blog three times a week. I promise I will do my best to have at least 2 posts done in a week. There is a lot to plan, like my school project or the projects in Miami (I will tell you more about this when it's done). Also a lot of homework and tests are stealing my time for this place. It will get much better when Autumn holidays begin, trust me.

I got to collaborate with a wonderful app called Clothe, which is about saving your looks depending on the weather or utilization. I love this app and I personally think it's really good to have the app. The app is also really easy to manage and you can also share your looks on your social medias account such as Twitter and Facebook! You can get the app on the Appstore HERE

I made a little video for you guys to have a first impression of the app. It's not a master piece the video, but it's made with love and nothing is stronger than love, right? I would love if you guys subscribe to my Youtube channel, because there is a lot to come, I will only say that I will make a Miami video diary!

Last but not least, I want to thank every single person that reads my blog! I couldn't be more happy right now living my dream and you made that possible.

Black Magic

Jacket: Zara - Sweater: H&M - Jeans: Zara - Boots: Timberland - Beanie: H&M
Hey there! I'm finally back from the countryside, where I was forced to stay there 5 days. I had to attend the class there and learn a lot, but I can proudly say it came everything better than expected and we also got time to go clubbing (at the bar of the hotel haha), but it was so funny and every student was dancing there.

The temperature fell down a way too fast this week. It was so cold and it's just soon September. As it was very windy and ainu outside I decided to wear more than usual and boots. In this season I'm so into black, white and grey because you can't do something wrong with those colors. We also did a video, which I will show you on a later post that is about a short story without words. 

This week will be very easy with no tests, no stress so I will updated the blog at the end of this week. But before I leave you, I would check out my Instagram to see a preview of the video.

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