how to rock with mustard shorts part II

Boots: Timberland - Shorts: Zara - Shirt: Jack & Jones - Backpack: Quiksilver - Hat: Selected
Hey people. it has been a very good week. I didn't do a lot but when I did, I enjoyed it to the fullest! As promised, here is the second option of how you can rock mustard shorts in Summer.

This option goes more in the country direction, which I think matches so well in Summer. Also these two color combinated, burgundy and mustard, has been a big favorite of me. What is also great, is that my flannel shirt has lines in the same color as my shorts. I decided to pimp my look with a straw hat and I think it was a good decision. How do you like the second option and which one was better?

By the way on the 28th of july is finally my birthday. I'm so looking forward to it even if it's a Monday, but as I know me I will make it to a Saturday haha. I'm really busy at the moment, because friends want to see me and I have been travelling from city to city in Switzerland and also Germany. I apologize if I can't upload more pictures I have not been at home since the weekend began. But instead of complaining you should enjoy this post, see you soon here again!

How To Rock With Mustard Shorts Part I

Boots: Timberland - Shorts: Zara - Shirt: Your Turn - Leather Jacket: Zara - Hat: Barbour - Phone Case: Primark
Have you ever wondered how you can change the shape of the outfit by just changing the top? That is what I did today. I shot 2 outfits, there are not so different I just changed the top. I think the thing is being creative and experimenting more. You don't have to buy new clothes and wear them every time as the same combination, you will get bored and so your friends and people around you.

I decided to wear my mustard shorts, which are quite difficult to combine. I combined it with black, because you can never do something wrong with that color. I also thought I could show you a style combination of rock and urban. How do you like this look? The second option is coming on Sunday out.

A question to you all: Which color would match to my mustard shorts? I would appreciate if I would get some advices. I'm always looking for new great ideas to experiment. See you guys!

Berlin Moments

Hey! Here I am again. I apologize for the lack of post lately, I just have so much to do. This will be the last post of Berlin, as I didn't do that much good pictures. We didn't have so much time and I also forgot my cam in two cases, I'm really sorry!

Berlin is amazing in every single way! They have so friendly and nice people, their food is delicious and they really know how to party. This was the best week of the year so far even if I was busy as hell with appointments and fashion shows but at least I made it. This was the first fashion week I admired over 15 shows, now I'm prepared for more.

This city has just blown my mind away, I will definitely return again for fashion week. Have you ever been to Berlin? I made a video, where you can see my impressions of the week, would be also amazing if some of you would follow my channel to support my work over there (click HERE ). The video is also available at the end of the post.

Berlin Fashion Week Day 1

Hat: Barbour - Sunglasses: River Island - Blazer: Kiomi - Shirt: Maharishi - Jeans: Zara - Shoes: Pasito
Wow! I finally have time to tell you about day one at the fashion week in Berlin. After having a delayed flight on the way back home and a sleepless night after Germany won the world championship in soccer, I can finally write here in this place. I definitely think that I can better concentrate myself at home, when I'm working for the blog. 

Day one at the Berlin fashion week began for me quite late, because as I told you , I didn't want to stress myself in the fashion week period (didn't work but anyway). So I had my first show at 1pm and it was the show of the one and only Rebekka Ruètz. Since I was never been in Berlin for fashion week, I was very surprised that I had my seat at the front row next to the ex-judge of Germany's next top model Rolf Schneider and also in my near was the winner of the voice of Germany, Ivy Quainoo.

The collection was very colorful. She played a lot with pastel colors and different cuts, there is at least something for every kind of woman. Also the closing was very sweet (when I say sweet, I mean the candies that were hold by the models). I'm really looking forward for the next season!

If you want to see the video, go and check out my Instagram (@xamysdiary)!

Easy Breezy

Shirt: Maharishi // Shorts: H&M // Sandals: Pasito // Sunglasses: Even & Odd // Cap: Primark
Hey people, I have to say that Berlin is amazing. It is a city where you can do different things and with a lot of possibilities. In the morning we were shopping, because we needed to get of the hotel, which was very annoying honestly said. Even though that was the last day to chill around and prepare myself for fashion week.

This day I chose a very easy outfit, that could protect me from the breeze and rain. I usually never wear a cap like that but as we needed to get out of the hotel at 8 a.m, I bought that cap because of my messed up hair. I am also introducing to you my new sandals, which are very comfortable and really advantageous for hot days like it was (But the rain also showed the face on that day). How do you like this outfit?

While you are reading this post, I am in the beginning of the Berlin fashion week stress, which will not let me write so much as wished. Therefor I am inviting you to join my Instagram HERE!