Minimalistic Beach

Shirt: Urban Outfitters - Shorts: H&M - Shoes: Superga - Bagpack: Quiksilver

I am back home in Switzerland, where it's still good weather. However, it has been a very long way back home and as I'm jetlaged as hell, I'm writting this entry at 5 A.M (local time). I really need to get back to normality, because I need to work on a lot of things, which I should show you as fast as possible. Also the next projects will come and it needs good preparation and patience.

This look is very simple, just perfect for hot days. It's also a good outfit to go to the beach but as Autumn is coming, I felt like I have to skip with outfit posts from Miami, if you know what I mean. I apologize if you have a different oppinion!

I used the week to slow down, to enjoy life without doing any kind of work, but I failed. The days were incredibly amazing in Miami but also hectic running from a place to the other. We also visited another city, Orlando. We were invited to the Ritz-Carlton hotel and I must admit it was pure luxury and they make you feel like a king/queen. The hotel is really recommemdable, it doesn't matter where you are, you will feel in these hotels like you had a crown! 

I hope you liked this post, if you want to see more go and check out my Instagram. I will start again with outfit posts this week, so do not forget to visit the blog, but also don't forget that you have the chance to win a 50$ gift card for the online store East Dane by entering the giveaway HERE, good luck!

East Dane Giveaway


As promised, I would give all the support you gave me back in form of a giveaway. It seems like I have really made it to inspire and influence people with my opinion, which is always on point. I'm also grateful that I found the perfect things to give away to you guys.

As my blog is focusing more on luxury and timeless pieces, I wanted to find the perfect giveaway and so did I. I can say 4 of you can be the winners of a 50$ gift card from the amazing online store East Dane, which has amazing designers such as 3.1 Philipp Lim and Gucci. You don't need to think about the prizes, because there are also brands like Cheap Monday, so for me this online-store is perfect, because I do not spent a lot of money on clothing, but when I do then on good quality and timeless pieces. I recommend this store to every man who buys with the same requisits as me but also to those who like high fashion label clothing.

What you need to do to enter the giveaway is simple: Go and like me on Facebook and write here a comment, where you tell which items you would like to get with the gift card. Everyone has the chance to participate, from everywhere and it doesn't matter if you are male or female. The giveaway ends on October 1st.

By the way, if you already visited the online store East Dane, you already noticed that they have the best choice of mens designer hoodie, but there is also 50% off mens. Believe me I won't hesitate (payday though).

Welcome To Miami


It's been an exhausting trip. I had to travel, the day before flying to Miami, to Geneva, because my flight was so early in the morning. I was kind of relaxed, because Geneva has amazing hotels, maybe the most luxury ones in Switzerland. I only slept at the hotel 2 hours (let's call it sleeping for once) and I got straigt to the airport of Geneva. The next annyoing thing was not going directly to Miami. Instead of flying directly, I had to stop in Lisbon but now I know for the next time.

The arrival in Miami was amazing, since I didn't have the chance to enjoy Summer in Berlin and it wasn't even vacation, since I had to run from show to event and to the next shows. Also in Switzerland was the apparently Summer wet, I think these are deserved vacations, or not?

I will be very busy these days days too, because I need to work on the next projects and outfits post but do not forget about the Miami Diary. I'm so looking forward to work with amazing brands, which represent myself and this blog, it's also a huge step for this place. I will tell you everything about it on the upcoming posts, even if I said I wouldn't write here for a week (I just can't keep you with no content). I don't know you all personally, but you have become my friends, that are over the world. Let's say we are a big international family!

Keeping it on the topic, it will be amazing! You can also come over and feel the Miami heat by looking at my pictures and videos on Instagram! By the way, thank you for over 2'000 followers (Xoggers!!) on it. This will be honored by a giveaway when I get back home!

Simple Darkness

Jacket: Zara - Shirt: Jack & Jones - Jeans: Cheap Monday - Boots: Timberland
As promised, I would write before I leave to Miami on Saturday. I'm so sick right now, I hope to get better at least until Thursday to shoot the last look for you guys, which I couldn't do today, because being sick is not so easy and my health status was very low today. But for you guys I put the effort to shoot this all black look, which I like so much.

In Switzerland you never know when it starts to rain or if it's cold (don't trust too much on the forecasts haha). I still decided for another all black look, which is for me always the right color, uncomplicated and easy to combine, right? I added to the outfit a bit rock wearing my biker leather jacket from Zara and these boots from Timberland, which I actually got last season. How do you like this outfit?

There are still 6 days until my flight for Lisbon and Miami. If you want you can follow me on Instagram (soon 2K followers!) to see what I will do, because I will not write on the blog on that week. I will also use this possibility to have some real holidays without fashion week and so on. I also wanted to know from you guys, the things you can recommend from Miami, I would love to see some advices and visit them!

July/August/September Favorites

I'm so busy lately. I'm really sorry for this, but at this time of the year I am busy as hell and I can not manage the blog as usual. The fact that I had to learn a lot for tests and doing nothing for the blog, was giving me a bad conscience. I think I might take a year off maybe, so that I can write more here, visit fashion weeks and attend to events. I'm not sure about it yet, even if I could do it as you are so supportive giving me strength and motivation everyday with your amazing comments.

Today I wanted to show you guys how my style has evolved in the past months. I saw a lot, got inspired at Berlin fashion week and I think it's good to make experiences like that, to broad up your horizon, to see it from different perspectives. I know, I may be young but I have made a lot of experiences I would never be able to do because of my blog and I'm thankful for that.

What do you think about these 9 looks I shot between July and September? Have you got a favorite one or one you don't like so much? I would love to read your comments, because for me it's interesting what you guys like and don't, also the different tastes of fashion you guys have.

Last but not least, there is some information I would like to share with you. There are at least 2 post I will publish before leaving to Lisbon and Miami, you will also find pictures of the travel on my Instagram (@xamysdiary) under the hashtag #xamyrulesmiami. Also thank you for reading this post, see you soon here again!

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